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The blessing of Jehovah — that is what makes rich, and he adds no pain with it.  (Proverbs 10:22)

Trust in general

In the real life we deal in a different manner with trusted people than with strangers. The level of trust which we feel towards someone helps us to decide how throughly to check his proclamations or promises. We rely on trusted people. The trust results from our experiences with the person and also from recommendation or guarantee from those, who we trust already.

In the web space the situation is a bit harder, because in general we miss many relevant indicia. First of all, we do not see the person in real, mostly we even do not hear him. Usually there are also no trustful people around who could give us their opinions based on personal experiences. To narrow the gap a bit we incorporated pack of trust-related functions to express and process the trust. We really wish to keep JWFind.net site clean, free of any abuse. The trust functions should help to fulfill the aim.

Trust expressed within JWFind.net site

First of all, there are functions which allow our users to express their trust in others. But they are not allowed to do this freely - there must be certain conditions set to keep the trust value meaningful. So, users may express their trust in these three cases:

a) In parallel with invitation

If you personally invite someone to join the site you will be granted with the right to express your trust towards him. The e-mail address in the invitation has to be the same as the address used in his registration.

b) After certain time

You may express your trust to your mutual friends after three months since your initial contact within the site and after certain communication within the site during the period. The time and message limit is reduced to one month and not so much communication, if the trust-to-receive user is already considered trustworthy by the system. Both conditions, time period and sufficient communication, must be met. There also can not be any kind of abuse report on you or the user by others.

System-wide trustworthiness

Trust is something between two people, within the site explicitly expressed by the corresponding function. With trustworthiness we mean something different - some kind of overall reliability of the user, his credit, reputation. Even if you are not considered trustworthy yet, you may receive trust or express trust to other users. But to become trustworthy you will have to wait until you meet requirements described in the following paragraph.

How may user become trustworthy?

There is certain level of overall system-wide trustworthiness attached to each user profile. Newly registered users are not trustworthy yet, their trustworthiness equals 0. The main requirement to become trustworthy is to receive certain level of trust expression from other users, who are trustworthy already. Even not-yet-trustworthy users may express their trust to others. But these expressions are not treated as relevant, until the users behind become trustworthy.

So, imagine, user received enough trust from other users to become trustworthy. There is one more step: site admins have to review his profile and give the final approval. The profile review may take some time, so please be patient. Since the user is considered trustworthy, the level of his trustworthiness may grow in parallel as other trustworthy users express their trust to him. No more admin approval is required..

Value of a single trust expression

You may express your trust to any number of other users, if you do so according to previously mentioned rules. But the relevance of your single trust expression is lower, if you grant your trust to many users. We mentioned already, that there is certain level of trustworthiness assigned to any user registered within the site, including you. You may view the level of your trustworthiness as a pie of certain size, which may be cut into pieces. Each of those who you trust receives a piece of your "trustworthiness pie". So, if you give the trust to many users, the value which falls on each of them may not be enough to make him site-wide trustworthy. If you give trust to someone, you will lost nothing of your own trustworthiness, it is not affected at all. However, the value of the trust which you gave previously to others diminishes respectively, according to the newly calculated shares.

On the other hand if you receive more trust from other users, your trustworthiness grows. That is good both for you and for those who you trust, because the source of their trustworthiness rise, thus their 'shares' rise in parallel.

Withdrawal of trust

You are allowed to withdraw the trust expressed already. To withdraw the trust, you will be asked for reasons or explanation why you decided so. Your requirement will be checked by site admins and it may eventuate in sudden loss of trustworthiness of the user whose trust has been infirmed. It is probable, that if you are of a great trustworthiness and the user is trusted only by you, he will lost the trustworthiness without long consideration by admins. On the other hand, if many other users trust him, site admins will probably try to acquire more information to decide appropriately. If someone loses the trustworthiness, it automatically affects trustworthiness of those, who received his trust. Any of the trust relations of the infirmed user may be examined by admins to keep the site clean.

Trust and privacy

We do not reveal concrete trust relations between users because a such information could be misused. There are only overall trustworthiness levels, which are being shown publicly.

Levels of trustworthiness

unverified - The default value.
trustworthy - User received enough trust expressions and is considered trustworthy.
infirmed - Someone decided to withdraw his trust, the trustworthiness of the user infirmed has been automatically lowered and we are waiting for final decision in the case.
untrustworthy - User has lost his trustworthiness. His access to the system has been restricted.

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