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The blessing of Jehovah — that is what makes rich, and he adds no pain with it.  (Proverbs 10:22)

Should you use Internet to find friends among Jehovah's Witnesses?
Is JWFind.net really safe place for online social activities?
Is JWFind.net different to other sites for Jehovah's Witnesses?
Is JWFind.net dating site, helping Jehovah's Witnesses singles to find mates?
Is it really free-of-charge to build relations here and to communicate?
Is it time consuming to keep in touch with friends here?
Why are there flags attached to user profiles?
Why only full-aged baptized Jehovah's Witnesses may join?
Is JWFind.net related to Watchtower society? Who owns the site?

The answers

Should you use Internet to find friends among Jehovah's Witnesses?

It depends. It is a good Christian quality if we keep balanced view on all aspects of our lives. All Jehovah's Witnesses round the world learn principles from Bible in order to apply them in particular situations. Usually it is not too wise to take one single verse or one advice, ripped out of proper context, to provide black and white answers. The right way to make good decisions includes research, prayers and contemplation, also your trained conscience may be helpful.

Internet is like a knife. Knife may help you in thousands of ways, but with knife you may also harm yourself or others. Even inherently good things may become harmful, if you misuse them or give them improper position in your life. We understand dangers of online social activities and we really welcome all the Jehovah's warnings delivered through the Faithful Slave, such as the Watchtower article on online dating or recent issues of Awake magazine talking specifically about social networks in a great and very balanced way (g 6/2011, g 2/2012). Actually, the fact that we were taking the warnings seriously was one of forces which leaded us to the decision to bring JWFind.net site up. We wished to provide something really different, with pleasurable spiritual charge and as clean and safe as possible. Nothing changed since the time, we keep encouraging all brothers and sisters among Jehovah's Witnesses to listen to the warnings related to online social activities and keep doing our best to fulfill our goal in regards to JWFind.net site.

In the next question we are discussing safety measures of JWFind.net site. Despite all the measures and all our efforts it is primarily your resposibility to keep yourself safe. (Proverbs 2:11) (Proverbs 14:15) It comprises many aspects of behavior if you decide to join. E.g., all our efforts to help our members to keep their contact details safe would be put in vain, if you carelessly expose your contacts publicly. Another question talking about time spent using the site may be of your interest, if you are thinking about how to use JWFind.net wisely.

Is it safe to search for friends on JWFind.net and keep in touch with them?

We hope so. Many arrangements safeguard every Christian congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. Kingdom Ministry 11/2009 reads:

"Within God’s organization, we find direction and protection to keep us separate from the world as well as motivation to keep busy in the work of the Lord. (1 Corinthians 15:58) The psalmist indicated that he experienced joy and a feeling of security among God’s congregated people. (Psalms 27:4,5) (Psalms 55:14) (Psalms 122:1) The congregation also provides spiritual support and assistance for those associated with it. Therein, you can find a group of loving, concerned, and caring friends—people you personally know who are ready and willing to help and comfort others in times of distress. (2 Corinthians 7:5-7) Congregation members are protected by the Scriptural provision for disfellowshipping those who sin unrepentantly or who promote apostate thinking. (1 Corinthians 5:9-13) (Titus 3:10,11)"
Then the KM asks:
"Can we expect to find these same loving arrangements when associating with others via the Internet?"

With most sites on the Internet the answer would be simply "no". We did our best to make JWFind.net different. All people running the site are Jehovah's Witnesses, at present, all of us are full-time serving Witnesses. As reflected in the site principles and terms of use, cleanness and safety is our top priority. JWFind.net is also labeled with ICRA and SafeSurf. Our aim is to get as close to all the safeguarding arrangements working in congregations as possible. To mention some of the key security measures:

  • During profile approval process every to-be-member has to confirm that he is active Jehovah's Witnesses. He has to provide picture of himself holding recent Kingdom Ministry and if there is any doubt in regards to his profile responsible site administrator asks for further proofs. We refuse all suspicious profiles.
  • Users of the site may express their trust to other users. Right to express the trust is granted carefully, to keep the overall trustworthy ratings based on single trust expressions reliable. One of our plans for near future is to provide even more sophisticated trust model.
  • Site provides you with means to specify precisely which information are you willing to reveal to whom. You may keep most of your content for those who deserve your trust. If you wish to block certain user completely you may use personal block function. Please, for your safety do not expose your contacts publicly!
  • Message limiter function makes it nearly impossible to misuse JWFind.net for mass scamming or spamming.

We take all reports on all kinds of site misuse very seriously. Users who do not behave in compliance with the terms of use are being effectively cut off the site. Despite the strict policy we had less than 10 incidents leading to account termination so far, thanks to other measures which make it difficult for bad people to get in. Together we may keep the site clean.

Is JWFind.net different to other sites for Jehovah's Witnesses?

It is unique. The other social or dating sites for Jehovah's Witnesses either has other purpose, lack of features which we wished to offer, or are not free-of-charge. Let's consider some of them:

  • JWFriends.net - Friend-finding site for Witnesses only, run by Jehovah's Witnesses and the only other site which allows you to contact others free-of-charge as far as we know, though for more advanced functions donation is required. If you just wish to find brothers or sisters and get their contacts, JWFriends.net may help you.
    JWFind.net is more feature rich - you may fill-in structured details about yourself and use the details filled by others for precise search queries, you may share pictures and other content and communicate in several ways still within the JWFind.net interface. Whereas JWFriends.net is more like yellow pages for Witnesses, JWFind.net aims to become their Facebook. JWFriends.net maintainer told us:
    "I wish you the best with your site. Very different from mine, hope you'll serve our brotherhood in the best way possible."
    We'd like to return the same wishes back to him and his site :)
  • Sulamith.net - Dating site for Jehovah's Witnesses only. Only paying members may communicate freely with others.
  • JWMatch.com - Well-known paid dating site for both Jehovah's Witnesses and non-Witnesses, maintained by both Jehovah's Witnesses and non-Witnesses.
  • PartnersInTheTruth.com, JehovahsWitnessMatch.com, jw40plus.com - Paid dating sites for both Jehovah's Witnesses and non-Witnesses. Generic dating program by World Dating Partners. Astrology-based matching seems to be really weird function if we are talking about site for Jehovah's Witnesses. :)
  • JehovahConnect.com - Dating site for both Jehovah's Witnesses and non-Witnesses. Generic dating program by eMeeting LLC with a bit inappropriate functions like "birthday search".
  • JehovahWitnessDating.com - Paid dating site for both Jehovah's Witnesses and non-Witnesses. Generic dating program osDate.
  • BigChurch.com, MegaFriends.com.. - Other generic dating sites for people of any religion, paid.
  • Facebook.com, Friendster.com.. - General social sites, with dozens users and many 'Jehovah's Witnesses' groups. You may encounter even well managed groups there, but most are quite wild and dominated by apostates. General-purpose social sites can't provide services made-to-measure community of Jehovah's Witnesses.

As you can see, most other sites are dating sites, actually generic dating sites styled as a service for Witnesses. Many of the sites offer full service only for money and allow also non-Witnesses to join. JWFind.net is pretty different. It is not a simply branded generic product, but it has been developed from scratch to bring unique features aimed to foster exchange of brotherly love and spiritual encouragement within our brotherhood.

Is JWFind.net dating site, helping Jehovah's Witnesses singles to find mates?

No. Though you may find a real friendship here, which may eventually grow even into marriage and the site offers so called 'matching function', dating is not what we site merely promotes. Rather than pursue online dating, we suggest that participants make it their aim to forge friendship and exchange spiritual encouragements which will advance to global unity. If you wish to read nice counsels on friendships, look at jw.org. You may also look at list of dating sites, but the sites are not aimed on Jehovah's Witnesses.

Is it really free-of-charge to build relations here and to communicate?

Yes. Our site is inherently free for all users who meet the requirements to join. In comparison to most matching or dating sites on the web, on JWFind.net we do not bring our own obstacles between you and the friends you will find to gain money. We do not get paid for providing contacts, as others do, and we will never do this. Actually, our aim is to keep all the current functionality free as long as the site exists and gradually add more. Further, unlike most social networking sites on the Net our site is also totally ads free. We hope that we will be able keep its uniqueness, and avoid annoying advertisements for the future too.

Is it time consuming to keep in touch with friends here?

Hmm.. it's up to you. Athenians in the first century liked to spend a lot of time talking to each other (Acts 17:21). Yes, it is a fun to talk with friends, share experiences and so. It may be also rewarding, encouraging and upbuilding, actually this is the main purpose of the site to help brothers to keep upbuilding friendships. But as mentioned earlier, it is necessary to balance wisely. You have a job, beloved family, you are a member of your congregation, you wish to take your part in service, to study and to balance all the important matters of your life. So, please, use your time wisely (Colossians 4:5). Do not allow anybody or anything to steal your time!

Kingdom Ministry 11/2009 reads:

Another consideration in this regard has to do with the amount of time spent creating, reading, and responding to information posted on the Internet. Psalm 90:12 encourages us to pray: “Show us just how to count our days in such a way that we may bring a heart of wisdom in.” Paul stated: “The time left is reduced.” (1 Cor. 7:29)

To protect you from amounts of incoming messages we provided the site with a message limiter. Friends may communicate freely to each other, but the the limiter allows to send up to 14 messages per week to non-friends and not more. You can disable the setting and allow others to contact you without limit, but think twice before doing so. If you wish, you may also disable incoming communication from unknown users completely. And you should be extra careful in regards to the time spent in chat.

Why are there flags attached to user profiles?

Convenience & emphasize the multinational flavour of our brotherhood. The brotherhood of Jehovah's Witnesses crosses all border including those between nations and countries, effectively wiping grudge and even hate between different people away. Flags are symbols of countries and sometimes also symbols of nations, something with strong emotional conotations for nationalists. On the other hand flags are also being commonly used in emotionally-neutral way just to visually mark that something or someone comes from somewhere. It was a dilemma whether to use flags or not, finally we decided to use them as a practical mark to quickly and clearly visualise, who comes from where, which is in our opinion useful piece of information. It also graphically represents the multinational nature of the brotherhood (Revelation 7:9). We wish to make you sure, that we really keep ourselves away from using flags to foster nationalism.

If you still do not like to see the flags, we respect your feelings. We are going to allow users to set to hide all flags through the site, if they wish. Hopefully we will be able to implement this soon.

Why only full-aged baptized Jehovah's Witnesses may join?

Safety reasons. We would not like to cause any harm through the site and despite all our efforts we can't neutralize all possible dangers related to online communication. We know, young people as well as those are new in the truth would like to join. It was not easy decision, but, guided by cautiousness, we decided to allow only full-aged baptized Witnesses to join. Those who matured enough to commit themselves to their Heavenly Father should be mature enough also to take their part of responsibility for using the site.

Further, the main place to search for friends is your congregation. Door to Kingdom Hall is open for anyone truly interested, regardless to age or other condition. JWFind.net is nothing indispensable, no-way replacement to your congregation, just some add-on. So if you do not fulfil the conditions of membership here yet, do not be sad. Focus on your own spiritual progress and once you meet the requirements, we will be glad to welcome you here :)

Is JWFind.net related to Watchtower society? Who owns the site?

Not directly. JWFind.net site has been established and is run wholly and solely by Jehovah's Witnesses to give free-of-charge services to members of the community of Jehovah’s Witnesses. However, the site is not run by Watchtower Bible & Tract Society. We fully respect the role of the Society as a source of spiritual feed. (Matthew 24:45) If you are seeking for an official and authorized information source about Jehovah's Witnesses, you may look at:

  • JW.org - official site of Jehovah's Witnesses
  • JW-Media.org - official media web site with recent news

Owner of JWFind.net site is Association of Brothers, non-profit non-governmental civic association with headquarters in Czech republic. Association of Brothers is not religious organization and it does not interfere with Watchtower and its legal entities in any way, but all members of the association are active Jehovah's Witnesses. According to its articles, the association has been established "to support understanding and friendship among people from different races and nations". JWFind.net family of websites is currently the primary way how to fulfill the purpose.

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