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Liz65, 2014-10-29:
Thank you so much for this opportunity.... am a very active sister from kenya... this site is ok... i have been here for sometime.... i have exchanged messages with some brothers....but all over a sudden they stop communicating....i think we are here to make friends with all our brothers and sisters world wide....

None, 2014-09-25:
I want to make friends, meet new witnesses worldwide and want to a brother who will love me, and run the race with me to the end( marriage) . yes

Marriage, 2014-09-13:
It's help us to meet our spiritual brothers and sisters world wide ,encourage one another,love one another,strengthen one another also united with jehovah's people. how happy it is in jehovah's oranization

Marriage, 2014-09-13:
It very nice,help you to meet new people,know them and share ideas

icerichy, 2014-08-07:
Am happy to be part of this lovely site..and hope i can spent more time with my sisters fully when am approved.

Bahta, 2014-07-30:
I do not have any doubt that it is 100 percent clean but i am waiting to be approved soon.

jboss1995, 2014-07-29:
There is a sister i would like to meet, i hope i can get approved soon.

jboss1995, 2014-07-29:
I look forward to meeting all you friends after i get approved. may to god of undeserved kindness bless you all.

Sylvia21, 2014-07-26:
I'm new in the site and i'm so gald to be among the brotherhood. please i d'ont know how i can contact a member , please somebody should help me. thanks

ndmolar, 2014-07-22:
Ndmolar i just joined recently waiting for my approval. please can someone help me to know how i can chat with my friends.i need a single sister who loves and fears jehovah that will lead to marriage if ur interested in me send ur mail to brightngobi@yahoo.com or call 08033861954. ndmolar

Tjmemawmontiel, 2014-07-16:
We'll i'm just joining so i haven't seen bad language are bad thoughts what a great spiritual paradise we have among friends,what a grand privilege to be among jehovah's people to let the friends know i'm just now learning about computers please be patient w/me your sis in the faith

liah, 2014-06-19:
I registered for this site over two weeks ago and still waiting for approval. when inquiring, i get an email with a repeated message. any suggestions?

caz, 2014-06-07:
Caz....after filling in all that profile ....from the other comments looks like there's problems ...i'm worried about site now ...will i get help finding out how it works ?????

planetmars, 2014-06-02:
Im new to here....but still waiting for approval...zero friends.how long i cn wait for d approval?im looking for a man of my life that hv a great fear to jehovah god:)..

Altin, 2014-04-29:

pistina, 2014-04-05:
Wow the site is really wonderful, am happy everyone here is keeping to the site rules and regulation, am so happy that you have made it possiable for us to reach out to our fellow christian brothers and sisters world wide, may jehovah continue to bless you for this wonderful avenue you have greated for widening out.

HEBREW_PRINCESS, 2014-02-07:
Jwfind.net is a nice place to meet good and trustworthy friends.it is one thing to make good friends and another to keep them. for the nice friendship to be kept we have to add more wood regularly to keep it burning.communication is the key. inorder to do that we need to visit the site on a regular basis to maintain the friendships we have found here. most often the general chat room is empty. where are all the good brothers and sisters who used to visit it with upbuilding conversations? the experiences we exchanged in the chat room..... don't you miss them? i do!!! and i know many others do...

Nallykay, 2014-02-06:
Really wholesome. especially the kingdom ministry aspect. great work.

N_day, 2014-01-25:
I just wait for your approval.. thank you..

Etta, 2014-01-12:
Well, i just joined and it said my profile will be checked soon. i am so looking forward to that. in the meantime, i'm enjoying reading the different profiles. i can see this is great!i just know i will have a great time meeting the many different friends here. and maybe,just maybe, hopefully, i'll even get an chance to meet that special brother! (i hope so).

blondy-1996, 2014-01-11:
Hi, moi je suis nouvelle ici dans ce site je ne comprend encore rien a rien. mais je crois que le meilleur st a la porte c,est a nous de donner ce meilleur là

Victoria-Cynthia, 2014-01-08:
I'm glad jehovah's people also have such a place where brothers and sisther can share ideas about their views about their maker and purposes and encouraging brothers and sisters with their zeal,it's really encouraging

Moxypuah, 2013-12-26:
I did eventually get approved. it took about two months. hang in there friends :)

G-0R-N, 2013-12-16:
It a great site,just forward to greator things that friends & admns adivice when is needed,am humbled.thanks

joy.girl, 2013-12-16:
For how long will i be approve admin or the site is not effective anylonger????

PetiteCathy, 2013-12-14:
Well, i'll still waiting for my profile approval. hopefully, recenly remarks give me patience and .......patience. welcome to you moxypuah : your perseverance honor you. almost two months for you ! like you, i like the km'picture very usefull to introduce ourself. so, right now, 'gonna wait much more ! not yet one month since my first visit here !

Moxypuah, 2013-12-11:
I have been waiting for approval for almost two months. i have sent a few emails requesting assistance but nothing :(

rhis, 2013-12-10:
I have just applied for this site and hoping soon it can be approved so i can already start meeting people who loves jehovah from other places...

Brian, 2013-12-09:
How long does it take you to check my profile? so i can get started. brian

joy.girl, 2013-12-09:
Hello everyone,i am a sister and am 28 years old from west africa nigeria.i am an active publisher in my congregation i just registered but yet to be approved this is my email id....joyebuh@gmail.com.

joy.girl, 2013-12-09:
Please how long will it take to be approved here?

Cameo52, 2013-12-09:
I've been waiting for an approval for almost 4 weeks now, i know that i've done everything correctly, i'm wondering what is the problem? it appears to be a beautiful site, but i do not have full access as of yet thanks cameo52

PetiteCathy, 2013-11-22:
Hi all of you unknown friends...... i really don't want to pass over the rules and administrators's authority by the fact i'm writing here this notice, but like many others bro & sisters, i'm still waiting for my profile approval. anyway, that is just the reason of my post. and you know what : i'm very confidence that because they are full-time pionners, these site's administrators are depply honest and wise enough to take time before approving somebody who wants to apply here !!! i'm a "little" french speaking lady/sister living in québec canada, but i do my best with english which i read et speak occasionnely.... ( at least, i'm proud enough with my pratice ) and i really want to learn more than now... hummm.... beyong the many verses i like, this one is deep enough to represente my feelings about a true and value life .... now and in the future ! (romans 8:35) so, i'll be very pleased to let you soon discover my profile and pics, to meet a secure friendship much better than facebook's one ... my email adress ? ..... hahahaha ..... see you soon : i'm not the kind of girl you think i am !!! lol http://www.jwfind.net/jwfind/static/em_smil/em_248.gif

Steveyo, 2013-11-21:
Hello everyone!!

Liz65, 2013-11-19:
Thank you so much my brothers for this effort and all thanks goes to jehovah our god. my concern is have tried to make friends sent messages but no replies and sometimes some even give out their emails you talk all over a saden they stop communicating. i feel as brothers and sisters from one family jehovahs family we are here to make friends so as we can keep on encouraging each other and share experiences so please brothers and sisters lets communicate.

JW-forever, 2013-11-18:
I just signed up and i am a little discouraged to read that some have been waiting a month or more to be accepted, perhaps this site is no longer in operation. what a shame because i was really looking forward to making new friends!

dottac, 2013-11-15:
There does not seem to be any active administrators on the jwfind.net site. i wonder what has happened...

KayBee, 2013-11-14:
I have been waiting for approval too. if it is written that approval is a day or two, then it should be so. or if the site no longer accepts applications then that also should be stated. "expectation postponed makes the heart sick"

Moxypuah, 2013-11-12:
I too have been waiting to be approved for almost a month. i have sent a few emails but am only getting automated replies. does anyone know of any other way to reach the site owner?

Jyc_1982, 2013-11-05:
Please help, i'm trying to upload pictures of me and can't. thanks

sylisa, 2013-10-29:
Hello dear brothers pls i wish to know how we can get in contact with each other. help me please.

sylisa, 2013-10-29:
Hello dear brother from the brotherhood. i'm very happy to be in this site. pls feel free to contact me. best wishes sylisa

Babysue, 2013-09-07:
Hello, brothers and sisters, have you had any emails from the brothers taking care of the site? is it running on its own? i have written several emails without any human responses. has anyone been approved recently? babysue

pure, 2013-09-02:
I can never repay jehovah's gift of goods friend's . but i can thank him with gladness in my heart and greet my friends every time they crossed my mind.....

Babysue, 2013-09-02:
I like the site very much, but i am waiting for approval. i have written various emails, but i am still not approved and on limited access. does anyone know how long it takes to be approved. it has been days. respectfully, babysue

rosebud, 2013-08-30:
Rosebud 5410 sorry put wrong profile

rosebud, 2013-08-30:
Rosebud 7410 i am new to this site jehovah says marry only in the lord so think and hope will find what i have been praying for.

Niah, 2013-08-13:
Very interesting, my only problem concerns pics,.please admin solve my problem,i can't seem to upload my picture,i keep getting error messages each time i try...pliz help

Steveyo, 2013-08-03:
Im from greece and i would like to meet a sister for serious relathionship and first of all must love jehovah, thnks..now about the site is a nice site ,a good effort to meet other brothers and sisters form tha whole world, we are just a big family :)

rhia, 2013-07-30:
How can i get new friends if i can't accept friend request,14 messages is not enough to build frienship:(pls do something..tnx admin..

DAO112, 2013-07-28:
It sounds interesting but i must be honest if a whiteman who loves jehovah would like to marry a blackwoman pls write me through this e-mail (celinegraham@nokiamail.com)

HEBREW_PRINCESS, 2013-07-19:
Please admin do something. i cannot upload photos to my gallery and also accept friendship request from others.

teenyb, 2013-07-15:
I have been having a lot of problems. can't send messages. sometimes i can't even log in. i can if i go back to original email stating confirmation link. i supposedly got email from some brothers but can't respond. please help. i would like to stay here, but the trouble is making it to where i am ready to go somewhere else. thanks, teenyb

jwgirl, 2013-07-04:
Hi, i just joined today and i'm getting many error messages specially when i try to comment on others profiles, i am looking to make friends locally and widen out, i live in usa in nrh texas, my email is brissaluna83@gmail.com. i am an active sister, 29 yrs old.

wunderbar, 2013-06-05:
Siendo honesto como debe ser ,yo me inscribí hace 15 dias y no puedo acceder a dar siguiera un saludo a ningún hermano todo lo tengo parece restringido (en un cuadro naranja de fonfo blanco sale la iscripción pronto vamos a revisar su perfil pero toro indica que no lo revisaran o es que éste sitio es una estafa?, espero que no. un saludo.!!!

sarai.1992, 2013-05-14:
Hello.... well i dont have any friends yet but maybe soon and i think this is a good site if all we are jehovah's witnesses....

dreamer, 2013-02-15:
Ik wil mijzelf aanmelden maar ben nu al 3 keer geweigerd... hoe kan dit.

moni, 2013-02-06:
Er word steeds een fout gemeld ik geraak niet verder!!!!!!!!!!

olive-200, 2013-01-24:
Well i didnt get any friends from here i cant send friend request & no one has send me friend request, please can u do something about it for me?

HEBREW_PRINCESS, 2013-01-23:
All has been going on fine for a good stretch of time. for some days now i'm unable to accept friendship request from others. please admin check and see what is wrong with that option.

ching, 2013-01-14:
Have a nice nice to all the faithfull brothers and sisters out there.it's my first time to join this site,and its really make me feel curious and excited as well, to find a lot of brothers and sisters inside and out of my country,and of course just inside in jehovah's organization. by the way,if you want to,,this is my email address(chinglotz123@yahoo.com) thank you for reading my message...may jehovah god guide us all the way long.

aprilshean, 2013-01-07:
Hello everyone. this website is great :)i want to have more jehovah's witnesses friends all over the world :) hope you add me on yahoo! messenger sherrasheananinion@yahoo.com and please add me on facebook pretty_sherra@yahoo.com just leave me a message in facebook so that i will accept you. i leave in phillippines and i'm 3yrs baptized. my congregation is zapatera cong. in cebu city phillippines :)

aprilshean, 2013-01-07:
I'm new for this site. i am already baptized and i'm willing to chat or to communicate with the other brothers or sisters :) this is my ym sherrasheananinion@yahoo.com lets chat there :)

CHeeLT, 2012-12-31:
Jwfind is a great network and i consider it it as if the shepherd of the jehovahs flame and the friendly in the world wide web.i have 22years old,i am regular pioneer in september 2008 and i serve as ministerial servant.i a spiritualis stronger brother,who knows a lot of things in the jehovahs organization.i would like to have friends,i have two email: cheeltblack@yahoo.com and cf-2006@live.com,the second is my foundation e-mail.phone number:50936502237.if you want to contact me,you can use this.welcome to you my brothers and sisters.

Lili, 2012-12-19:
Hi!this site seems to be interesting but i'm not approved yet, i hope to be able to contact other brothers soon.i am a regular pioneer and a sister of 19 years old...

Ozibeth, 2012-09-03:
As far as i observed, jwfind is a neat and safe place to meet with fellow brothers and sisters around the world. despite that we all need to be very carefull of the kind of friends we make, satan is desperate! thanks to the brothers who made this site possible, from the comments here everyone is really happy. keep it up:)

BrotherJohn, 2012-08-27:
Great website and idea!! place for active and baptized witnesses to enjoy each others upbuilding and encouraging support! looking forward to meeting many new friends in jehovah's organization! :))

HEBREW_PRINCESS, 2012-08-22:
Jwfind.net is a nice place to meet good and trustworthy friends.it is one thing to make good friends and another to keep them. for the nice friendship to be kept we have to add more wood regularly to keep it burning.communication is the key. inorder to do that we need to visit the site on a regular basis to maintain the friendships we have found here. most often the general chat room is empty. where are all the good brothers and sisters who used to visit it with upbuilding conversation? the experiences we exchanged in the chat room..... don't you miss them? i do!!! and i know many others do...

HEBREW_PRINCESS, 2012-08-13:
I can now send my messages without any problem. thanks for making the site once more enjoyable.

Shedly, 2012-08-09:
Jwfind.net,very good cause it's a place to meet,make freinds jehovah witnesse.

Shedly, 2012-08-09:
Jwfind.net,very good cause it's a place to meet jehovah's witnesses.

ish.shahrei, 2012-08-05:
Wow! i am so glad this site works well again! thanks to the admins and all whose behind this site!! :) ....hi everyone...:)

neneng1981, 2012-08-02:
I am new to this site and waiting for the approval,i think i takes lilttle bit longer.i am happy to see some brothers and sisters around the world . :)

jessygold, 2012-08-01:
Am still searching for that special brother.

flower, 2012-03-27:
I am new to this site and i am witness of jehovah i do not know if i'm doing n good up here but i 'am already. c is true i know not well the use but good. j hope fill find all brothers and sisters for spiritual encouragement mutuels.et i also thank the directors for their valuable aid if

Endeavor, 2012-03-18:
I'm new to this site and was a little hesitant to join, but having read some of my brother's and sister's comments i feel it's safe. i'm looking forward to hearing from true lover's of jehovah all over the world.

Kristine, 2012-02-13:
The site opens opportunity for us jehovah's witnesses around the globe for interchange of encouragement, for us to be made firm while waiting for our 'loving god great promise' ( romans 1:11-12 ) let us maintain clean attitudes on here and seek the interest of others than ours. thank you so much to the jwfind.net management.

Tony, 2012-01-09:
Hello, my dear spiritual family and friends!! i have a question: maybe somebody knows where's now the daily bible verse? i liked to see it everytime coming here and reminding it for my imperfect memory! i appreciate your response, thank you very much for the site!

Karri_Lee, 2011-12-22:
I found a forever friend thank you

Im_ThE_oNe, 2011-12-21:
I found my mate.to make sure i'm stick to him. thank you admin. jehovah bless!

annalou, 2011-11-12:
Why are so many people giving out their phone numbers on here?? desperate people will only attract the wrong kind of person. this site was not set up with the intention of being a dating site. doesn't any one take in what the governing body are telling us??

annalou, 2011-11-12:
Hi brothers and sisters, i have been on here since the early days and have to say that i have met some really lovely brothers and sisters on here. this is not a dating site but a place to widen out and meet other like-minded witnesses. please keep in mind the governing body's warnings about trying to find a date on line. people who are desperate for a date will only attract desperate people. not every one is spiritually strong and in these last days we all need to stick close to those who are spiritually strong if we are to prove satan wrong. even on here there are people who are not good association so caution is needed at all times. may jah bless us all with life long friendships.

she3, 2011-11-11:
Hello.. i am searching where i can write my appreciation and thanks for this site. thank you because i found my loving steve on through this site. thank you so much this is from my heart.

Lindsey, 2011-11-03:
Hey i'm a sister out belgium.. and i like it to get more friends all over the world because it's wonderful to know more friends who love jehovah.. :) greetings me

Loyal, 2011-10-01:
It a nice be here,am a sister from nigeria.baptized some years ago,a want to give myself another chance to smile again,i hopes to find a serious brother who his ready for a serious relationship.

Godfred, 2011-09-06:
I am a young brother from ghana. i am 23 years old. i am happy to be in our dating site though i have not meet a sister here in this chat. i love to marry a sister that worship jehovah wholeheartedly. i love jehovah god and his organization. please help me to me some young sisters. +233 54 151 2600

Godfred, 2011-09-06:
I am a young brother from ghana. i am 23 years old. i am happy to be in our dating site though i have not meet a sister here in this chat. i love to marry a sister that worship jehovah wholeheartedly. i love jehovah god and his organization. please help me to me some young sisters

Osaparda, 2011-04-13:
Have find some one..

okebasic, 2011-04-12:
At the moment i have got a sister i'm dating through the site. i thank jehovah and i'm grateful to you brothers for the effort you are making to assist christian friends widen out. i pray to jehovah that the relationship will lead to marriage. i'll invite you if it happens that way, by jehovah's willing thank you thers!

Jo-Jo, 2011-04-11:
I've met someone special & i am voluntarily doing this because i just want to show that i'm not carrying on any other relationships beside our own. if it is not an issue, i may return to this web site later on. i've met many wonderful brothers & sisters here who have given so much encouragement & who needed it as well. i hope to see everyone of them in the paradise earth & i ask jehovah to bless all my brothers & sisters. thank you for making this possible for me.

pysso, 2011-04-07:
I have found what i was looking for.

Sunflower75, 2011-03-31:
Because i found my match on this site.

Im_ThE_oNe, 2011-03-30:
This site..makes brothers and sisters..met even not physically but spiritually..specially in a spiritual paradise..this make more stronger...and reach brothers and sisters all over the world..how much more if we're already in a real paradise in the new system of things..?this is really gonna much more excited..remain close to jehovah..

R_Reed007, 2011-03-22:
Found the girl of my dreams on this site

fefe, 2011-03-21:
I would like to thank you very much for this site,i have enjoyed talking to my brothers and sisters all over the world. my life @ the moment is full with 4 children and now i am getting to know a brother with view to marriage..so i have not got much time to be on here. i long for the time when time won't b an issue,and we can meet up with our united family at our leisure, your sister bev

micaht, 2011-03-14:
I dont have any reasons its a good site

bro_MB, 2011-03-10:
Hi sisters/brothers just wish to thank and compliment you for such a good, safe and organize site, well done! appreciated and may jehovah bless you all for caring for our protection and friendship. warm agape love, mario bras

phili57, 2011-03-09:
I enjoy this site and hope that its alright to put so many comments on site as i care for my mum and find i look less and less at other sites. fb i only use for my family as they are not witnesses and i have family scattered in samoa, nz and australia. i have deleted my profile from a couple of other match sites as they dont have the forum and set up jwfind has. i really enjoy it. thank you for your good work. tina

Ging, 2011-03-08:
I am happy to be back..this is the way we can spread and encourage on spiritual all over the world...(matt. 24:14)

phili57, 2011-03-05:
This is such a lovely way to meet both brothers and sisters all over the world. i like that one can interact and share thoughts and be upbuilding to our worldwide brothers. personally i am happy in my single state as i care for my infirm 71yo pioneer mother. i have a brother & sis - in law in samoa serving as missionaries and i get a lot of joy doing this for our mum as i get the spiritual benefits and joy to. keep up the good work and i hope many more brothers and sisters get to join. if you are a spiritual person and have jehovah in mind isnt this so much better than even thinking of toying with unchristian associates for marriage. better to be alone than married to the wrong person who doesnt share your view of the permanency of marriage vows and your deep seated love for jehovah and desire to fear and please him. bit like being shackled with someone that is halfhearted about everything in your life together. i say that because i disastrously went down that road once to a halfhearted witness. suffering big time i can tell you. he's now out and remarried and they are both out. but jehovah has poured out blessings on me till i have to say stop or why me?. my life i love now and i get involved in the ministry 2 - 4 times a week talking non stop to my heavenly father. in my sorry life i can never repay this glorious god we serve enough not with my life, with every breath i take or all my resources and talents....what can i repay jehovah with????? thank you from the bottom of my heart for this lovely site, phili57

Ging, 2011-02-28:
I think i will suspend my profile here...

Ging, 2011-02-15:
I'm happy to have this site, now i have my own like-"diary" and memo. i can upload many picts just like facebook as well i'm encouraged on spiritual. also, i can help sisters here to find mate for them who like to married foreigner brothers. :)

June, 2011-02-07:
It's a great site but i still hardly have the time for it!!!

Rib, 2011-02-06:
Your site is excellent and i hope that you continue with you. thank you for having me! with warm regards, "rib" meredith

captainamazing, 2011-02-01:
I have met a girl through this site and we are now dating, and so i feel it is now time to depart from here, but i'd to say thank you sooo much, because if it werent for you we would never have met, and i am very, very happy now. regards. captain amazing (bobby)

africanqueen, 2011-01-23:
I found my match..thank you

bro_MB, 2011-01-17:
That was super fast! very much appreciated for all and i hope i can help you in any way possible. warm rgds mário

Maggie, 2011-01-12:
I want to thank you very much! it is wonderful that you volunteer your time to such a great site for brothers and sister to be able to become friends.

sunliner, 2011-01-05:
I want to thank you for all your good work on this site,i have now found someone special, so for this reason i want to suspend my profile. thanks again for your good work keeping this site alive!

she3, 2010-12-28:
Thank you for giving a chance to met so loving brother he was steve. and i met a lot loving brothers and sisters. thank you so much. but i cant always online,,, hope granted.. thanks again so much.. jehovah will bless all your works on this.. accept my agape love. sherilyn

Rib, 2010-12-07:
Thank you very much for providing a safe site for all of us! this is really special - i hope that it stays a safe place for us to meet with each other. :) jude 2, to you! warm regards, rib

XindoB, 2010-11-18:
You made a good job and i spred the word talking about the site to my friends!! congratulations for your nice work!

Agent86, 2010-11-02:
This is a great site! i'm really too busy these days to interact properly tho.

IS40_28_31, 2010-10-30:
Thank you so much for working to keep this site free of individual that are not forthright.

Rob_Chasse, 2010-10-26:
Ill do what i can to continue to make this a good and wholesom place to go, great job on this website!!!! happy annivasary,

Ivy333, 2010-10-21:
This site is perfect, and one can feel that it is under the influence o jehovah' holy spirit. and i will use it in a proper manner by safeguarding it according to gond's requirements. i am convinced that on day jehovah will answer my prayers to provide me with a loving mate. long live jwfind.net for your being generous. may jehovah bless u my brothers and sisters. thank u ivy333

Classy, 2010-10-21:
I really appreciate the online connections i have made with brothers and sisters all over the world, to countries and congregations i could never afford to travel to through the use of jwfind.net. i find very upbuilding and friendly brothers and sisters here, free of apostasy and scammers. thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication. "there is more happiness in giving, than in receiving" and you've certainly given freely. thank you again. ~classy/lynda

Neopop, 2010-10-20:
Con grats.. and thanx :)

Preciouslove, 2010-10-20:
I think d site presents an oppurtunity to make frnds wit people who shares d same believes and values wit me. i've been able to make new friends whom i love dearly both young nd old. for the site to remain clean nd safe u guys shud stick to ur already laid down principles which includes approval of profiles, asking members to report any suspicious person they find on d site, etc. congratulations nd tnx for opening dis forum for us

simply_sue, 2010-10-19:
It's wonderful to know more friends who love jehovah around the globe..keep it safe and clean :)

Chris, 2010-10-19:
I have met a brother on this site and we're getting married next year. i've been auxiliary pioneering, and don't have time to check my messages, so i will leave. but thank you for indirectly introducing me to my husband to be.

GR8dane, 2010-10-19:
I have met a lot of wonderful brothers and sisters all over the world, giving me different inputs on the truth, as well as other things in life, than those i get in my own area, and i appreciate the work you have done to keep it as safe and clean as possible for us to be in here... good work ! thanks a lot.....

PrinceJerry, 2010-10-18:
This site is nice and hopes it will make good progress as time goes on. yes hope to have good and honest friend as time goes on.

dvid, 2010-10-18:
Hi blackpearl, if you encounter anything inappropriate, please report the case to the site admins.

BlackPearl, 2010-10-18:
I'm new on this site but i like it cause you see the date of baptism of the members. i've talk to one brother but he talk dirty thinks and i don't want to desplease jehovah. i appreseate it. thank you so much.

Sorin, 2010-10-18:
It responds to my need of communication with jw from all around the world , great place , nice and tidy website so far it s clean and safe and thats pretty amaizing .

It's a very nice site, very complete and well organized. bravi

Morningcloud, 2010-10-18:
Jwfind.net is more than just a site. i signed up a month ago and i'm really finding it nice. because i made one friend, i've always wonder how to meet friends who love jehovah in other part of the world. but with jwfind.net its posible. what i enjoy more its the standard rules to be free of elements of the bird catcher.

Summer2008, 2010-10-15:
What a wonderful website you have created! i would like to thank you very much!

Jodi, 2010-09-20:
I already found someone through jwfind.net and we are getting married, so thank you!

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