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does it really matter what people say about you?

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does it count much when people talk about you?

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SANK SHIP CONTINUE..... well the brother did not give-up. as he continue swimming to an unknown direction, his legs felt a land-like area in the sea. he stopped and stood on it with the lady, you might asked was it really a land-like place? to cut the story shot, he stood there for 2 solid weeks no food, no communication. imagine yourself standing inside water for 2 weeks. with his legs roten, he made his last prayer to Jehovah so he can give-up. after his prayer, behold Jehovah's saving power as he saw a ship coming his direction, from a distance. as ship approaches he began to scream for help.... those in the ship were scared thinking they were ghost and so the ship turned back. well some individuals in that ship were curious and wanted find out what exactly they stood on, so, the ship turn to rescue them by throwing rope to them. after rescuing this brother, they took a spear and shoot the place, BEHOLD ! a mighty sea monster roused-up from the water and off it goes. what would you hav done if it was you?

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SANK SHIP. a brother travel as a sailor into a distance country, while he was sailing back to his home country, the ship sank into the sea. the brother along with 6 men and lady dive into the water and began swimming into and unknown direction, as they continue swimming behold the 6 men got tired and drown. left alone in the sea with the lady, what will this brother do? continue swimming to an unknown direction, or let himself be drown? or trust in Jehovah's savings power? what will you have done if you were the one? the has yet to continue..... but remember, your comments is welcome

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